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Are you getting all the right words?

If not, read on to see what impact this could be having on your sales...

While getting all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order, might be as hilarious today as it was in 1971, getting yours words mixed up could be impacting you more than you know, and it`s no laughing matter...


Regardless of where you ply your trade, online or face to face, getting it right the first time can have a huge impact on your business. Barking gobbledygook in a customer's face won't endear you to them, and they likely won't be back for anything else you have to offer.

The same can be said about your online business, get it right the first time and reap the rewards... But place the words right, in the order wrong (see what I did there?), and you face losing your customers as they are never going to be entirely sure of what they are getting.

Gloomily reading the metrics of your website, all those lovely visits, vanishing with no end product, all because they weren`t sure of what they were buying, it's the stuff of online nightmares.

In a previous life, before I started to create content, and merely consumed it, I would go insane when trying to navigate a poorly worded site, unable to find what I wanted purely because someone was too lazy to get it right the first time. I certainly never bought anything if it looked shabby, online or off.

I admit it, I proofread friends' social media posts, and woe, woe, and thrice woe to a misspelled meme, but if your business, if any business, is to succeed, the right words, properly executed in the right order, can bring only good things.

As an aside, when proofreading this blog I noticed how many times I wrote "Right the first time", and I was going to change some of them, add a different adverb or two to shake you up a bit. I decided against it, the point is the point, and the point of today`s blog was as much for me as it was for anyone else. Practice makes perfect, and my writing is nowhere near that yet, but I will keep trying to get it right, the first time. Or the 5th edit, but don't sell it if it's not ready.

Cheers all

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