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Canva Pro For New Copywriters

Starting any new career can be traumatic, there’s so much to learn, new software, new equipment, new everything, and the costs can add up.

You can get overloaded with ideas, you want to do this, you know you better do that, I should probably buy that, it looks like it could help me. All of a sudden, you're spending more than you bring in.

But it doesn`t have to cost the Earth, and here`s how to avoid the traps.

Don`t Fall For It! Keep Costs Down

Copywriting as a new career is no exception if you’re not careful. You dip your toes in, test the waters, and find the internet is full of people ready to sell you your dream.

For free too!

“Simply sign up for my newsletter, and I will send you the PDF that will teach you how to earn 5 figures a month! In a day!

Even better, buy my training program for $3000 and I will show you how to do it properly! In HALF A DAY!”

Hang on! You said the free PDF would tell me!

All of a sudden, everyone has your email, and everyone is going to show you how to turn lead into gold, and you badly want to believe them.

And who can blame you, the dream sounds great, and not to put too fine a point on it, these guys are copywriters! It`s their job to be able to sell you stuff via email!

It`s how they make their money, and how you want to make yours too, that`s why you gave them your email (but hopefully not your $3000!)

But all you need is a PC or Laptop, Internet connection, Google Docs, and writing ability.

And, if you want to create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads, a way to create attractive, cost-effective digital Adverts.

And that`s where comes in.

Let`s be honest, you already had a computer, and who doesn`t have Internet these days? Google Docs is free, and if you don`t have writing ability, well, I can’t help you there.

As we were talking about keeping costs down, I want to point out right here and now, that there is so much great, FREE content already on, that depending on your requirements, you may not even NEED to pay for the Pro, especially not at the start of your copywriting career.

With Canva, you can create amazing, professional-looking content, design and implement your clients’ Ads on templates already sized for whatever medium you are targeting.

With Canva you can plan, create and deploy to any Social Media platform, ranging from:

  • Instagram Posts

  • Facebook Posts

  • Instagram Stories

  • Whatsapp Status

  • TikTok Videos

  • Twitter Posts

  • Youtube Thumbnail, Intro, Channel Art

  • And dozens more

And that, my skeptical friend, is free, providing you use the free templates, or make your own.

Read on to find out just how much more powerful Canva can be, and why as a newly minted freelance copywriter, you should consider Canva Pro.

So Why Go For Canva Pro?

If Canva is so great when it`s free, why should you go pro?

I’m glad you asked, with Canva Pro, you get:

  • 100+ Million Premium Photos, Videos, and Elements

  • 3000+ Premium Fonts

  • 610,000+ Premium Templates

  • Brand Kit

  • Content Planner

  • Extra Folders

  • 100GB Storage

Now that is a list of goodies!

If you’ve ever gone online looking for free stock photos for your content (again, keeping costs down, you’re being prudent, you aren`t on that 5 figure monthly salary yet!) and found that again, free isn`t always free, then 100+ million extra Premium Photos will be a lifesaver as well as a timesaver.

Having 610,000+ templates to choose from is massive, you may be a great writer, but maybe your design skills aren`t great?

Well let the experts design the color scheme, the perfect background picture, the great animation, and then add YOUR great copy to it!

Create multi-page Ads for your customer or yourself, and save them to Canva for use in the future, schedule posts to your Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest account using the Canva Schedule tools!

You can upload your pictures too, and implement them into your final design, and because Canva can integrate with your social media, you can directly post your finished Ad to there, or download it to send directly to a client!

Okay, You’ve Convinced Me, I`m In

I`m glad you’re excited about Canva, and just how it could help you as you start in the copywriting world, and it looks like Canva is too!

This is why they let you try their Pro plan free for a 30-day trial!

Free for a month, and then a measly $11.50 (£8.33) per month after that!

With a free month, you don`t have any excuse not to try this amazing offer, and the astonishing amount of available features will have you busy for hours.

PS. I have zero affiliation with Canva, I do NOT get anything from you taking this offer up, I simply think it's a great offer, with a quality product, that is a huge help when starting out.

If you would like to like to discuss your own copywriting needs, why not get in touch?

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