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Its free, but there`s always a price for someone

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

You know it's a job well done when a client pays promptly, but some jobs are just easier than others; sometimes you find yourself paying twice...

I recently did some landing page copy for a new client, the brief was clear, the product was clear, so far - all gravy. The completion timescale was a bit quick for my liking, but I liked the guy, sue me. I enjoyed the rapport we fostered, liked what he wanted me to produce, let`s go!

The guilt didn't even start setting in until I was about 400 words in, marketing childrens` games that the company was giving away for free, it seems like an easy sell, right?

A quick checklist of the pros and cons prior to setting word to page makes it look even better:


  • It's a free product, who doesn't like free?

  • Kids, who doesn't like kids? OK, that's a grey area

  • Times are hard for families, money is tight, some free downloadable games to keep the tiny tots happy? Lovely

  • Just the copy this time, they were looking to promote themselves

  • Easy meta description, let's get the kids learning!

  • Doing good in the world, surely? Winner


  • The client wants this sharpish

  • Not much scope for creativity, it is what it is

  • We won't be retiring off the back of this one, but hey, their little faces...

By the completion of the copy, I was feeling pretty good about myself, a kind of post three ghosts Scrooge kind of vibe, rather than the scary child catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

Even better, the client loved the copy, paid promptly, and even offered me more work, we had communicated well, built rapport, got the job done.

And now the guilt is really setting in, I took his money for my work, and that's all good and proper, or would be if they weren`t doing such great work offering free games sheets and learning activities for children.

And through my own copy, pushing how great this stuff was, how FREE these kids' games were. Picturing grime-covered urchins downloading this amazing content (presumably from the library, as Fagin glowers through the window), I`m over-dramatizing this I know, to be honest, once the site goes live I will not only add the link to their site onto this post but download the games for my own urchins to enjoy.

Spare any change guvnor? Or printer ink?

But back to the guilt, the shame. I`ve had to take the mirror down in the bathroom, I can`t look at myself. I even accepted the extra work, and at a better fee! I could just die. You hate me too now, don`t you!

Doubtless, this will all blow over by the weekend, and I can get back to shaving all of my face again, and at the end of the day, the work was just that, work. But it will be a while before I work with kids or animals again...

So if you are looking for great content, or would like CopyWriterChap to get those emails really working for you, get in touch today! Unless you work for an orphanage, or you rescue three-legged dogs from burning buildings that is, I just don`t think I could cope.

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