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Making The WCS Work For Your Business EV Needs

Getting your employees onside with the transition to Electric Vehicles can be made easier by offering them the facilities they need, so why not take advantage of the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) now?

With EV chargepoint costs at an all-time low, your business could apply for a WCS grant and have up to 40 EV chargepoints installed at your workplace. If you have multiple sites you can spread the 40 chargepoints over multiple locations, giving you and your employees real flexibility.

With thousands of registered OZEV (Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles) WCS installers, you could be a simple application form away from saving up to 75% (upto £350) on each EV charger you install.

A saving of £350 per chargepoint can mean sizable savings for your company, as well as the benefits of making a start on the inevitable, Net-Zero is coming, ready or not. Almost all of the hard work is done for you, the process can be quick and painless, and the potential benefits are huge.

There are some key points to take into consideration, and these points can make an immediate impact on whether you start applying right away or not:

  • You must be a registered business, charity or public sector organisation -, evidence is usually required, such as a Companies House reference number

  • This is a big point - You don’t already need to own a plug-in EV to qualify - applying for the WCS grant can be because you have a desire to be able to transition, or at least offer the choice. You may even want your company vehicles to make the transition first, what is needed is the intent to encourage the move

  • Off-street parking facilities are a must, and be for your staff and/or fleet use only - the parking can either be on-site or within a reasonable distance, and be clearly associated with your business

  • You’ll either the owner of the premises or have permission for the chargepoints to be installed by your landlord

  • Your site also needs to be able to cope with a minimum power supply of 3kW to each chargepoint without the power diminishing with multiple points being used at the same time - out of the four modes of EV chargepoint socket, modes 3 and 4 are eligible for the WCS grant

  • Your business has to have received less than €200,000 in financial aid over 3 fiscal years, and after a successful application you have 6 months to get an installation completed before the WCS vouchers become invalid

  • Another great point here - if you are a primarily home-based business, you can still apply for the grant as long as your home address is listed with Companies House as your place of business - this is great for anyone running a business from home

There has never been a better time to begin the transition to Electric Vehicles, thanks to the lower cost benefits to your business. EV charging is considerably cheaper than using a petrol car, emissions are lower, and the boost to your company profile as a greener employer can be priceless.

It could be that after a discussion between yourself and your staff members there is a real receptiveness to making changes. From one simple application, your company could reduce its carbon emissions and empower its employees by giving them real choices.

Start your discussion today, you may be surprised by the response, many people love the idea of EV but worry about the infrastructure just not being there. Having the ability to charge at work may be the push you and your team need. For further information on the Workplace Charging Scheme guidelines, including finding registered installers, look no further than here.

If you found this bite-sized WCS article interesting or would like to read my other Electric Vehicle blogs, check out for more info, or email me at

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