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Word Of Mouth Is Your Friend

Getting somewhere in life takes time, sometimes it's baby steps, other times giant leaps. Creating an online business is much the same, you can't run before you can walk, but there are ways to help yourself along with just minimal effort.

Make Existing Products Or Services Work For You

And by that I mean use your work or product to get others talking about your work/product, to someone else, who may then tell someone else, and so on.

It's hardly a revolutionary idea, I'll grant you even Genghis Khan used it to splendid effect against Mongol enemies in the 1200s.

The maximum result, for the minimum effort, seemed to be forefront in the Mongols mind as he devised the simple strategy of colored tents in front of enemy cities.

Knowing fleeing refugees from already conquered cities were bringing word of his dreaded tactics, Genghis let word of mouth spread the fear before him.

A white tent would thus appear in front of the besieged city on the first day, surrender now, it promised, and all will be well.

If the city chose against opening the gates, on day two a red tent would appear, you're testing my patience said the red tent... Every man of fighting age will now die. Open the gates, pretty please.

And if by some miracle of bravery or stupidity the gates remained close by the end of that day, the black tent went up. You naughty city-folk said the black tent. Now everyone and everything that breathes will be slaughtered, down to the last chicken.

This tactic was used even after the great Khans' death, by his sons and theirs, and as an example of letting someone else do the work for you, it's a belter. Why work hard when you can get someone else to do it for you?

Sharing Is Caring

Now as a modern e-commerce business or a freelance copywriter, artist, shopkeeper, whatever,

I don't advise a trip to the camping shop for a few tents and some paint, but a wiser tactic may be simply ensuring your work is visible on as many platforms as possible.

The more people seeing your work, via Twitter, Facebook, literal word of mouth, Linkedin, and so on, the better. Get out there, get visible, and ensure the most eyes possible are on your site or product,

The more people that see your blog, or the services you provide, the more chance of a sale or a potential client seeing you, you already did the hard work, don't sit back once it's online and assume that everyone will just flock in. to quote the film Field Of Dreams, "If you build it they will come".

Not if they don't know you built it they won't!

Let word of mouth bring clients, customers, and exposure to your brand. Even if it's a small post or a quick tweet, your online presence could be having all the effect of a red tent, miss out on my product at your peril...

Enjoy a good rambling post? Does your blog need a shoeshine? Get in touch today with CopyWriterChap for pricing, services, or just to say hello!

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