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You get what you pay for....

Email addresses, everyone has one right? Just like everyone has a mobile phone. It wont be long until Websites are on that list too.

Whether you`re a small business owner or a student that loves to blog, access to a website of your own has become fantastically easy, thanks to companies like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify to name but a few, But what about what`s on your website? Sure, you don`t need to code it yourself (and thank God for that, its harder than it looks!), you could even easily upload pictures of your products and start selling today, easy right?

You could, but probably shouldn`t, take photos of your products on your mobile and use them on your site; that`ll cut costs right there... You`re really flying now, the site looks great!

But costs wont be the only thing that gets cut, the difference between your product being photographed by a professional, in quality lighting, using quality equipment, versus your old android phone that still works after 6 years (what a trooper) could be the difference between someone buying from you today, or leaving your site and never returning.

OK, so you paid for the quality photos of your stock, you aren`t a fool, the site looks much more professional, and as soon as you type the landing page and product descriptions up, the site is good to go! Move over Amazon, here we come....

And that`s what most of you will do, and you may even get some sales for a while, but you`re selling your products, services and yourself, short. If you were smart enough to pay for quality pictures of your products; and the pictures do look amazing by the way, the colours, the close ups, all really brought out wonderfully by the £2000 camera that was used, why oh why aren`t you paying for the words that will really bring your business to life?

The right words, in the right place, could be the difference between a sale or bust.

Does your landing page do you justice? Is it selling you, as well as your company? Does the description of your product jump out of the page? If its food, would I eat it? If its a service, is it a better service than others out there? Why do I choose you over him, or her? Or Amazon?

They say it takes money to make money, and I'll buy that for a dollar. you might have spent a fortune on getting your business to where it is today; office space, warehousing, staff, manufacturing, the list can be endless. Or you could be an online only sole trader with zero outgoings apart from your website with its great pictures and bad copy. You can see where this is going right? You are almost there, and with the right words, in the right place, your business could grow to new heights, but, like the great pictures you paid for, words have their price too.

How much are you willing to pay?

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