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It turns out speed, like size, really does matter...

Have you ever listened in on the conversation around you, head hanging low, as your colleagues chat about last nights Call Of Duty kill-fest? Or suffered in impotent, helpless rage as your video call to Aunt #InsertNameHere in #InsertCountryHere who you haven`t seen in FOREVER drops for the 15th time in 5 minutes?

If any of that sounds familiar to you, then there`s a good chance you`re part of the 1mb club, the internet loser brigade, the wilting 5% of the nation that can`t even dream of faster broadband because even in 2021 you apparently live on the dark side of the moon, or Yorkshire.

But all is not lost! I too was once a glum member of the 1mb club, never joining in on the Call Of Duty game, pretending I didn`t even HAVE an aunt living in a Mongolian tent. My family too, knew the shame of taking it in turn to use our devices online, sharing the bandwidth like the last canteen in the desert. That is, until we found salvation, and salvations name was Three Mobile Broadband

**Insert harps and angels singing**

Sure, our electricity bill has gone through the roof, but we now have 14 laptops, 2 smart TV, 3 mobile phones, and the dog, always on, always online 24/7. From a shocking 1.2mb download speed, to a frankly astonishing 90mb, and that`s not even the fastest it can go! And we were online at that speed inside 24 HOURS!


Join me as I stream Amazon Prime, surf the web, YouTube on my phone, while I chat to my Aunt in Mongolia in HD superfast glory! Join Three and get their Shiny white hub, join me in the 21st century!

10 years my family and I spent in the internet desert, 10 YEARS! Why didn`t I look into this before? Because I didn`t bother to look, and maybe neither have you. If that`s the case, then I hope this gives you the motivation you need to get yourself back in the Call Of Duty game, your colleagues will love you for it, your family will love you for it, the dog will love you for it!

Make the leap! Join me in the 21st Century, make your online life as Amazing as mine! Speed really does matter!

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